How Flooding Can Lead to the Development of Mold

How Flooding Can Lead to the Development of Mold

By David Libowitz

A flood can be destructive to any piece of property, but it can also have some long-term consequences that can be potentially harmful in themselves. One of the side effects of a house flood, whether it be a natural disaster or related to a fire, is the development of mold.

How Molds Can Threaten Humans 
Molds are microscopic organisms that can spawn from moisture. They can start to develop within 24 hours of a flood or the accumulation of water used to extinguish a fire. Their development is enhanced in climates that are warm and humid. Molds multiply and spread by releasing spores that travel through the air and settle on other damp surfaces.

They can be detrimental to the health of anyone who is exposed to them over a long period of time. Children who have been so exposed can develop asthma as adults. The threat to human health is one of the most important reasons remove molds at an early stage. 

Molds are microscopic organisms that can spawn from moisture.

Molds are microscopic organisms that can spawn from moisture.

Do-It-Yourself Mold Removal
In lieu of hiring a professional service, you can do some things on your own to eliminate mold and reduce its long-term effects. Provided that your home is safe for entry, you should immediately deal with areas of moisture or standing water. All wet surfaces and textiles contaminated by oil or grease should be cleaned. Carpets and curtains also need to thoroughly dried.

The removal of moisture can be accomplished with the use of fans and dehumidifiers, and an electrostatic air cleaner can be employed to remove the tiny spores that can spread mold. The cleaner trisodium phosphate can be used to remove ash from your property. 

Turning to Professional Assistance
Mold removal should be left to a professional service, and if at all possible you should seek help from one of these companies. Since time is of the essence when dealing with mold, the company should be notified no more than a day after the flood has subsided.

A restoration firm has the trained personnel and the specialized equipment that can prevent the accumulation of mold and halt its spread if it has already appeared. Professionals can do the work without causing additional damage to your home. If you are serious about mold removal and are concerned about your health and property, you should consider employing the services of a restoration company.

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