How To Prepare For A Hurricane

How To Prepare For A Hurricane

By David Libowitz

Although you cannot prevent a hurricane from happening, you can limit emotional distress and structural damage to your property by being prepared. To guarantee that you know what to do if a hurricane hits your area, be sure to implement the following strategies:

Long-Term Hurricane Planning
To ensure that you are prepared for a hurricane at all times, there are certain strategies that you should implement. Here are several:

• Be sure that your loved ones know exactly what steps to take if a hurricane hits. This means that they should be familiar with things such as the evacuation route as well as where the first aid kit is placed. Family members should also know where the water, gas and electrical shut-off material is located.
• Have impact-resistant windows installed.
• Ensure that your doors contain a deadbolt lock as well as three hinges.
• Install metal stiffeners or permanent wood on your garage door.
• Ensure that your sheathing and roof covering are wind-resistant.

Know your evacuation route.

Know your evacuation route.

What To Do When A Hurricane Watch Is Issued
Once a hurricane watch has been issued, there are specific things you should do to prepare. Some of them include:

• Monitoring your local television and radio broadcasts for information and instructions.
• Turn off all of your utilities. This includes your propane tanks.
• Move your grills and outdoor furniture inside. This will prevent them from becoming flying debris if the hurricane hits.
• If you are not instructed to leave your home and go to a public shelter, have your family members move into a closet, basement, or a room that is far away from windows.
• Keep your windows closed to prevent rain and wind from coming inside.
• Use flashlights if you are in the dark. Never use candles.
• Monitor radio and television broadcasts around the clock.

After The Hurricane
Once the hurricane has happened, be sure that you implement the following tips and tricks:

• Examine your home for structural damage before reentry.
• Listen to reports to determine whether the water is safe to drink.
• If you have substantive water damage, call a professional remediation crew to provide you with customized cleaning services.
• Use coveralls, gloves, and a mask to complete the aspects of the cleanup process you can handle yourself.

Although hurricanes can be nerve-wracking while also causing severe damage to your property, being prepared beforehand can limit both of these adverse effects. To guarantee that you are ready for a hurricane, make sure that you implement the simple tips and tricks listed here. Also, make sure that you get in contact with the professionals.

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