Water Damage Carpet Cleaning

Water Damage Carpet Cleaning

By David Libowitz

You head downstairs for your morning pot of coffee, but as you reach the first floor, your feet sink into a spongy carpet that absorbed a plethora of water. This may seem unreal, but it is a reality for many people. However, when it comes to water damage, practice safety first. Turn off the electricity for the area that is saturated with water, and locate the cause of the overflow. Never step into water if you suspect that it might be electrically charged because it can cause serious injury or death. 

In the best case, clean water from an overflowing sink or malfunctioned appliance has caused the water damage, and it was confined to one room. 

Fast water extraction and using the right drying equipment can restore a water damaged carpet.

Fast water extraction and using the right drying equipment can restore a water damaged carpet.

Owners can take immediate action to reduce the water damage. First, remove anything in the wet carpet area because it will prevent carpet stains, and it will decrease the chance of damage to household objects. You can place tinfoil under furniture legs and relocate items like potted plants. In addition, avoid walking on the carpet because it may spread the damage to areas unaffected. If you do walk on the wet carpet, do not walk on newspapers because the ink can stain the carpet. 

Fast water extraction and using the right drying equipment can restore a water damaged carpet. However, what if the water is contaminated? This could be from an overflowing toilet with urine or a fish tank that broke, but if the water damage gets addressed during the first 48 hours, the carpet may still be salvaged. However, you must thoroughly clean the carpet after it has dried.

What about the worst case scenario? For example, what if sewage or seawater reaches the carpet? In those cases, the carpet must be removed. Some argue it could be dried and cleaned; however, your carpet will never achieve a sanitary restoration. This water carried pathogens that can harm your health. You are better to throw it away. 

In studies conducted to understand the quality of a carpet before it was water damaged, people discovered that longer drying periods contributed to a strengthened carpet adhesive that was stronger than post-water damage. Water damage restoration comes with countless opportunities. While it may not be ideal to find a drenched carpet when going for your morning coffee, remember that it can be restored quickly, and you can return to the nurturing environment of your home.

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